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Dear Andrew, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for supporting our Education Services programme here at The National Archives. Over the past 10 years your team of historical interpreters have become an integral part of bringing our collection to life for thousands of students in our workshops and through our online teaching. I am very pleased to say that we have just won the 2010 Schools Videoconference User Award for Best Cultural Provider and the judges were particularly impressed with the range of sessions we offer. The success of this service is largely due to the creative co-operation we share with your team in developing new sessions so it is true to say we could not have won this award without you. Thank you!

Andrew Payne – Head of Education and Outreach – The National Archives

Very many thanks indeed for taking part so memorably in our celebration of Sir Hans Sloane’s 350th anniversary at Apothecaries Hall last night. Your bewigged persona as Sir Hans was so very engaging, and many uniquely personal engagements were greatly enjoyed and will never be forgotten by those who had the fortune to meet you personally.

The members of our subcommittee reflect back over the months and realise that it was a quantum leap from the first concept, to last night’s event. Your involvement in our development process, your experience of so many other events at other distinguished venues, and your generous support have helped in our planning, and to heighten awareness of, and support the great man’s memory.

More than one passed comment was passed in awe, along the lines of: “He’s so clued up – Does he only do Sir Hans?” ; “How does he know so much about him?” ; “Golly, he must have done his homework!”

The master and senior Members were all very appreciative of your contribution, and of your help and encouragement to the society. All who attended have taken away memories of a very happy and successful evening, which will certainly long remain in our minds, to the honors of Sir Hans.

Chris Khoo, Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

I have watched your performance and those of your team on a number of occasions and I am truly startled at the quality of the factual information you convey – and that I have been involved in very little work for such a fine product. You have carefully researched every aspect, sensitively accounted for the nature and purpose of the Cabinet War Rooms and so intelligently understood what the needs and peculiarities of the site and its audience are. The attention you give to detail – in research, in scripting, in dress and in presentation is second to none and absolutely faultless"

Phil Reed OBE, Director, Cabinet War Rooms